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Steam sales = wallet rape

such a pretty voice

and please tell me i am not the only one to greatly enjoys older noodles new outfit and attitude

its been too long but i've posting my random shit on FB, or absorbed in steam

spiral knights is fun and TF2, i don't think i have to go there.

also that new source game E.Y.E. is meh its aesthetic feels lacking while its whole upgrade system doesn't really lend itself to game changing until you start getting all the upgrades. And its difficulty seems off, im playing it at max and still killing things left and right, though i have had a combat chopper that i just blew up with a hand cannon fall right on top of me only to respawn at the same time it blows up.

I'm Sorry Fable 3

I am disappoint

while the story was good and all it was painfully short but that is not my biggest problem.I commend you for giving a try to a different menu system but overall customization has really taken a dive not clothing wise thats still pretty good despite the lack of good options but that is a personal preference. Its the weapon morph system you see, assigning parts based on stats in itself it not bad but doing it semi randomly on the other hand is a bitch move. this just encourages some save scumming which is something i hate doing. And having to 'kill x enemies' or 'do x' to get legendary weapons augments is really fucking annoying, especially when what it wants is something you have already done before hand twelvefold or just down right arbitrary. Really no matter what you do to your hero weapons the Legendaries are still by far better since there are no free floating augments now to equip to them. The reliance on coop is only a slight annoyance to me since i never really subscribe to XBL.

Though I will commend you, The Crawler was really fucking creepy and the final fight was one hell of a punch we began with a flourish and we ended with a flourish.

Snapping a Sand Furies neck as it leaps over you is pretty badass as well as many of the other counter moves, just watch a couple

Been Awhile

I've been off busy with dofus and school, so yeah how are all of my droogs doing.

ive finally gotten around to watching all of macross frontier, the approiate response to watching all of it is


i highly recommend it. the end is truly something to behold

I am not a adult, I AM A MAN!!!

Its been awhile poppets

Looking at my calendar over at the side bar its been about a month since i have posted, see children this is what happens when you procrastinate, but i digress.

after a bit of time i finally found all the issues of Deadpool, hopefully i can start reading that soon. also i have found out that Vasilis Lolos has resumed work on Pirates of Coney Island, hopefully it will have been a good 3 year wait....

and a first for me, you know that wolverine origins movie that came out awhile ago, i don't recommend it, please avoid it. That was the first time in along time that i have not enjoyed a movie, the less said the better lets just move on to better things

I also finally got around to seeing that Iron Man movie, now that was win (IN A CAVE...WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS). After riding that high note i got around to watching Iron Man: Armored Adventures. after a few murmurs on /co/ i put it on my list awhile ago and now I've finally gotten around to it, you see its animated by the same people who did Skyland so visually this is a plus in my book, just as long as they had nothing to do with the writing end. You know the beekeeper look the A.I.M. mooks have actually works for them. It seems i have finished the series just in time for when season 2 starts

i wish it was easier to find episodes of Stoked

now have the IMAA op, i guarantee it will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day and then some (also, guitar solo)


The Modifyers


Got the collectors edition

recruited everyone and got them all loyal

everyone survived the mission

blew the collector base to hell and got the illusive man angry and killed the fetus of a mechanized eldritch abomination

"i will not let fear compromise who i am" one of the best lines in the game

now to start my sentinel run, after i finish it in ME1

Fred's Head

im not sure if i have said this before but it may be obvious to the observant. I FUCKING LOVE FOREIGN TELEVISION for you see i've spent the last week or so watching a Canadian series that i found mention of on /co/, but wait theres more, Fred's Head is to some extent a indie production making it a double threat in my book.

ill just get to the point here


the op pretty much gives you an idea of what your in for (more after the youtube)

in short Fred's Head is a slice of life comedy/drama following the blasé Fred Leblanc in his strange life and inability to admit his love for Anette Freeze-Dright (pronounced freeze dry and the one in the sari in the above op), with his friend Gregory Gilbert Pyrowsky (GG) a short but stout red headed teen with a somewhat unhealthy obsession with getting married and have a shitton of kids and Fabienne Ledger a girl a red hair adorned with a skull clip obsessed with horror movies and might be a lesbian. the show its self follows the lives of the three main characters and their odd lives and interactions with a huge cast of very varied characters. like for instance a psychotic school psychologist the armless science teacher and his helper monkey. A somewhat senile next door neighbor who regularly goes to the bushes in the park to fool around with her husband,who has been dead for the past couple of years. A student who no one actually knows whether or not they are a boy or a girl which has led to some funny sequences, and one boy lives in a environmentally sealed suit 24/7. And it is rare for a series to make me squee like a small child at the ending, it just leaves that warm and fuzzy feeling

and apparently this show is rated C8 in Canada which is about a TV-G or TV-Y7 which really makes me wonder how the hell that happened, but whatever, we are all big kids here

if you want you can watch all 25 episodes here

heres hoping they make a season 2

Have a lullaby

not a bad game so far

Life After People

life after people is a wonderful series

while it is in history channels apocalyptic obsession it is still very much watchable

theres just something inspiring about watching as nature consumes mankind's last remains

i recommend it

also i have played the dantes inferno demo and the bayonetta demo

i enjoyed both, and i think ore highly of bayonetta after i found out who the company is who made and as for dantes inferno, tits, and you get to kill death and take his scythe.
i tried to set up my computer a few days ago into a dual boot setup (windows/ubuntu), while the installation of windows went off mostly without a hitch and only some slight driver issues when attempting to install ubuntu it seemed that the partitioner would not let me, at all. After just messing with it for awhile and ultimately failing. so now i have a fresh install of ubuntu, again.

i both hate and love this computer but when i have the money to get a new one i believe i am going to put a sledgehammer to this hateful piece of shit

on a side note it seems that after installing and configuring ubuntu so many times i have the process down to a science

and for you enjoyment

.hack//Link - TGS 2009 Trailer


for the psp


The Slow Boil Madness

I have watched Pandorum, mostly out of obligation. but i am not saying its bad per se its pretty good actually i just didn't have high hopes going in for some reason (hype let down to some degree). you see after being assaulted with the various trailers and nightmarish movie posters and knowing that Stan Winstons FX company did the effects i believe i set the bar too high for it

and i think there was a problem with the video in the one i watched

Aside from that i have also seen Ink, i didn't have any expectations for that one since i decided to watch that one on a whim after finding out that it was being pirated at an alarming rate and the people that made it didn't really seem to care. it is a movie that i would definitely recommend just don't think too hard on some of the plot points though do pay attention, many will explained. and i did very much like the duality between the storytellers and the incubus.

On another note i have been playing borderlands (finished it recently) and i believe i may finally get at least of gold on xbox live to do some multiplayer. and if your wondering i'm playing as the siren with a maliwan combustion hellfire as my main weapon and a maliwan vitriol sniper rifle and a eridian cannon for my fourth gun slot i alternate between a double anarchy or a smg with electric or caustic. i just wish i could find a good smgs with scopes, i really dislike having to aim with the default iron sights especially when the wander when your circle strafing.


for those who may notice i have changed my theme here, i decided to try something new

i have also made my journals title in english


The Daily RAGE

McCain introduces bill to block Net neutrality



I Love You /tg/

the only place a discussion on any *chan about what a paladin should do with a rogue teenage (relatively) drow girl can turn into a discussion about what constitutes good and evil while still staying on topic and still include into the usual posting of porn

god i love that board

Battle for Terra

In this story we meet a nice girl named mala in a idealistic city. and then the scary dogmatic alien invade their world because the aliens have destroyed their own through constant war.

sounds cliched doesn't it

except in this one mala is a alien on another planet and the scary aliens invading are humans who have traveled thousands of light years in a failing generation ship hoping to terraform malas home world in order survive after destroying Earth and a terraformed Mars and Venus after Mars and Venus attempted independence

in all honesty i had an idea of what was going to happen but i am very pleased that it was much different

and this is to the general that usurped the human council to wage a campaign of genocide there is always another fucking way, fortunately some of the humans understood this

and also, that was some pretty good voice work and cgi all round, which i wish i could say about Skyland as well.

allow me to elaborate. Skyland was pretty, it was damn pretty, but in some spots they choses to do some motion capture, i don't think i need to elaborate further on how a i feel about mocap, and some of the character movements were just not right (i blame the mocap). beside that Skyland was intersting the story was pretty good if somewhat cliched but the dialog while ok in some parts was frankly horrible i really hope whoever wrote it never writes any more ever again. though it did manage to give me a bit a nightmare fuel with the Mogura episode.

and it was damn pretty

The Secret of Kells




i think ill do some kind of a review later or something, after i get over my amazement but damn was that epic

the cat piano (the full short)

Gears Of War And P3P

so i have played both gears of wars i enjoyed them, a lot actually they had a surprisingly good story going on and naturally it was better in the second game. the Hammer Of Dawn is fucking godlike, headshots are very satisfying Berserkers scare the fuck out of me. And finally i bawed, i did not expect Tai to do that and i did not want anything like that to happen to Dom's wife

also stay in the light stay in the fucking light

and finally i have hard that there making a persona 3 for the psp with the option of a playing as a female main character i find this very interesting though i have vowed to never a psp

i have read héofigendlic loðrung, finally. true to form it made no sense but god was it good, may i point you to Per Skin Par Soul which was actually better then i expected it to be in terms of nightmare fuel

also i have gotten Nocturne recently, FUCK YOU MATADOR, FUCK YOU!!!! though it felt good when i kicked your ass

Fuck you Sleep

it seems that i am now incapable of maintaining a normal sleep schedule (ie sleeping at night). as my recent attempts to do so have left me perpetually tired and feeling like shit

it would be nice if i could just shoot dopamine strait into my brain so i wouldn't have to sleep at all

maybe i should just screw everything and just become fully nocturnal

Repo the Genetic Opera

that was awsome

that was one of the best movies i've seen in awhile

and the character Paris played was very much appropriate, i loled

that is all
i finally own a copy, the very comic that i name my journal after, FSc's héofigendlic loðrung. it actually came in good condition i'm afraid to read it really its so pristine, ill get back to you when i finally bring my self to open it.

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