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Its been awhile poppets

Looking at my calendar over at the side bar its been about a month since i have posted, see children this is what happens when you procrastinate, but i digress.

after a bit of time i finally found all the issues of Deadpool, hopefully i can start reading that soon. also i have found out that Vasilis Lolos has resumed work on Pirates of Coney Island, hopefully it will have been a good 3 year wait....

and a first for me, you know that wolverine origins movie that came out awhile ago, i don't recommend it, please avoid it. That was the first time in along time that i have not enjoyed a movie, the less said the better lets just move on to better things

I also finally got around to seeing that Iron Man movie, now that was win (IN A CAVE...WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS). After riding that high note i got around to watching Iron Man: Armored Adventures. after a few murmurs on /co/ i put it on my list awhile ago and now I've finally gotten around to it, you see its animated by the same people who did Skyland so visually this is a plus in my book, just as long as they had nothing to do with the writing end. You know the beekeeper look the A.I.M. mooks have actually works for them. It seems i have finished the series just in time for when season 2 starts

i wish it was easier to find episodes of Stoked

now have the IMAA op, i guarantee it will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day and then some (also, guitar solo)


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