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I'm Sorry Fable 3

I am disappoint

while the story was good and all it was painfully short but that is not my biggest problem.I commend you for giving a try to a different menu system but overall customization has really taken a dive not clothing wise thats still pretty good despite the lack of good options but that is a personal preference. Its the weapon morph system you see, assigning parts based on stats in itself it not bad but doing it semi randomly on the other hand is a bitch move. this just encourages some save scumming which is something i hate doing. And having to 'kill x enemies' or 'do x' to get legendary weapons augments is really fucking annoying, especially when what it wants is something you have already done before hand twelvefold or just down right arbitrary. Really no matter what you do to your hero weapons the Legendaries are still by far better since there are no free floating augments now to equip to them. The reliance on coop is only a slight annoyance to me since i never really subscribe to XBL.

Though I will commend you, The Crawler was really fucking creepy and the final fight was one hell of a punch we began with a flourish and we ended with a flourish.

Snapping a Sand Furies neck as it leaps over you is pretty badass as well as many of the other counter moves, just watch a couple


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