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felt i must share

Machine Gun tits, or just tits

summer has started in a not so nice way, but thats something i would rather not get into

So i have seen heavy metal, i enjoyed it. it was drugs and tits mostly senseless tits and fucking Black Sabbath, that shit was cash hands down

i have also seen the original REC, the only other film to scare me like that was The Descent, i highly recommend both BTW

also i have seen Monsters Vs Aliens, it was surprisingly good but then again i have a distaste of dreamworks animated features so i do believe i am biased in this scenario

i really need to finish cyborg 009-1

also why hasnt any told me anything about Scott Pilgrim before are you depriving me of such awesomeness
on purpose

and this

also tits





but seriously

an no i am not going to buy used, do you have any idea what that would do to my ocd

EDIT:i must add when i posted that link it was over 100$ USD

Of Watchmen and Cyborgs

so, i have seen the watchmen and to it i say, meh....it was good and all, it just it cant compare to the comic.some of the changes bother me but some weren't that bad, it was an interesting idea to have Dan watch Rorschach get fried. which bring me to Rorschach, while he is still awesome in the same way he was i the comic his character seems diluted, but then again here we don't have entire issues showing the working of his mind, there is a similar problem with Dr Manhattan. but overall i would say if you really want to go see it.

and finally, why is it so hard to find 009-1 subs i found some in Italian but no fucking English, it irks me.

finally this

The Cat Piano

The Cat Piano - trailer from PRA on Vimeo.

this may be interesting





Damn you Pepsi/Coca Cola

i'm drinking it right now

and i feel horrible for doing so, the shit is like crack to me last time i drank it i was up to six cans a day

BTW i got rid of some unnecessary things in my profile

and for something more media related

so, i have read of of the Watchmen

i cannot form words it was that good, and i don't know whether to sympathize with Rorschach or consider him a outright Knight Templar while i agree with his stance that evil must be punished it is not in anyones best interest to call out Ozymandias for what he did, and was it really necessary for Dr. Manhattan to do that but in the end he may get the last laugh Rorschach is just awesome like that. something i really enjoyed about the watchmen was that is seemed despite its negativity it is quite positive just read what Dr. Manhattan in his godhood thinks of life and try not to say wow, i fucking dare you.

ah Alan you sir are godlike

it is fixed

i have traded my fubar CRT for a nice little wide screen LCD

it is awesome

that is all

more bitching about my computer

Well it seems my computer has finally broke, though i thought it would be something like my graphics card murdering me in my sleep or my processor creating a small thermonuclear explosion just to spite me. No it was none of that, my old but reliable CRT monitor is shot which basically leaves me using my laptop for now.

in other news...

I now own a 360 and mass effect which i have completed. Now i just need to finish persona 4, which has taught me just how hard a megaten game can be, and it is fucking fun.

As for School...

its the usual like last quarter, work with hardware in the morning suffer through English in the afternoon


Merry Fucking Christmas

at least my torment will only be for half a day
today i decided to watch sayanara zetsubo sensei on my 360

it was awsome

now if only i can find some good 360 games cheap, especialy Lost Planet i finally tried the demo, i quite enjoyed it, except when the enemy mech saw me that did not end well.

also in all honesty i though rise's shadow in persona 4 would be sexy, it is very, very disturbing; and add on to that this is the first time i am playing a megaten game on normal, i think i broke my previous record for the farthest i have ever thrown my controller. it gets worse when the enemies start spamming status effects an hama/mudo skills, and i am honestly enjoying how hard this is. On the up side i myself have learned the glory of hama/mudo skills

1. justice arcana persona

2. hama skill

3. hama boost

4. ????

5. Profit

and as a fyi bronze shitcock is what i said on my third game over after that it became the standard response to being near another gameover or worse, thank god some of my party member would take the fatal blow for me a couple times

also, chie wears black panties. when you play persona 4 you'll know what im talking about

i finished .hack//G.U. vol. 3

and saw all of the more important scenes, including haseo and atoli getting married (see icon)

it was good, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy






now what am i going to play next

Obama wins the election


food poisoning

it appears i've been poisoned and taking 10 points of damage an hour

anyone have an antidote


love this song

Aus den Tiefen der Ängste steigt es empor. Seine Macht ist gross wie niemals zuvor. Tausend Jahre hat es geruht. Der Anfang vom Ende, Symbole aus Blut...

Maga mala: Apologus Et Crudelitas

Geheim ist der Ort, die Stunden gezählt. So habt ihr euch selbst als Opfer erwählt. Keiner hat es je gewonnen. Das Spiel der Spiele hat begonnen...

Maga mala: Lubridium In Terra

Kinderstimmen: Mala Mala erböre1 mich. Mala Mala beschwöre dich. Mala Mala der Euch verbannt. Das Spiel der Spiele führt meine Hand.

Maga mala: Lubridium in terra opacus impavidus. Apologus et crudelitas. Das Spiel der Spiele...

enlish trans -
Out of the deepest fears it springs up. His power is great like nothing else. He has rested for 1000 years. The beginning of the end, symbol of blood...

Great evil: Stories and cruelty.

Holy is the place that the hours tell of. So he has chosen you, yourselves, as the victims. No one has ever won. The game of games has begun...

Great evil: Suffering on earth.

Childrens voices say: Evil, evil has reborn me. Evil, evil swears to you. Evil, evil bans you all. The game of games comes out of my hand.

Great evil: Suffering on earth, dark and fearless. Stories and cruelty. The game of games...

Burn My Dread

my intewebz have been back up since Wednesday

i cant stop listening to this song

BTW, i am getting fucking sick of the amount of people around me who are pregnant, 2 neighbors and a friends girlfriend, but of course it doesn't help that i live in redneck central, though at least one of them is actually able to care for it. the other two are just (mostly) senseless wastes of resources and poof of overpopulation

My Interwebs are down until futher notice

well more like my whole town actually

the remainder of the hurricane pretty much knocked out all of our area so i am without internet and power for awhile

i just hope its not a week like some people are saying it might be

and it very strange seeing my town in its now dead state

but i must

So, nekroskoma, your LiveJournal reveals...

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Looking at pronoun indicators, you write mainly about yourself, then your social circle and finally the world in general. Also, your writing focuses primarily on the present, next the past and lastly the future.
Find out what your blogging style is like!


Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann

i finished TTGL about a day ago, it was epic

i have not slept well in 2 days, this is both intentional and somewhat unintentional

that is all

Hitler was a druggy

Blue sub 6

i watched Blue Submarine No. 6 today

it been a long time since i have seen it and the version i saw so long ago was a heavily edited on on toonami

and boy was there a difference, but it was still good

its one of those where you have no idea who the good guy and bad guy is by the end. it was wonderful

Ali Project - "わが臈たし悪の華"

or "My Beautifully Elegant Flower of Evil" i cannot wait until the single gets released, i like this song. Generally i like ali project but a lot of their stuff is too similar though this is fine


and for an old favorite from Ali Project


Mech Binge

So after watching all of SDF Macross i have giant transforming robots on the brain, and meltrandi

anyone want to get their asses kicked in Robotech: battlecry


also damn fangirls

and i have been looking for this

This is how i feel right now

i decided to use the AMV since its more interesting then watching a single image

this is a built up thing

i'm about to watch lain though that might put my mind in a semi comatose state

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