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Fred's Head

im not sure if i have said this before but it may be obvious to the observant. I FUCKING LOVE FOREIGN TELEVISION for you see i've spent the last week or so watching a Canadian series that i found mention of on /co/, but wait theres more, Fred's Head is to some extent a indie production making it a double threat in my book.

ill just get to the point here


the op pretty much gives you an idea of what your in for (more after the youtube)

in short Fred's Head is a slice of life comedy/drama following the blasé Fred Leblanc in his strange life and inability to admit his love for Anette Freeze-Dright (pronounced freeze dry and the one in the sari in the above op), with his friend Gregory Gilbert Pyrowsky (GG) a short but stout red headed teen with a somewhat unhealthy obsession with getting married and have a shitton of kids and Fabienne Ledger a girl a red hair adorned with a skull clip obsessed with horror movies and might be a lesbian. the show its self follows the lives of the three main characters and their odd lives and interactions with a huge cast of very varied characters. like for instance a psychotic school psychologist the armless science teacher and his helper monkey. A somewhat senile next door neighbor who regularly goes to the bushes in the park to fool around with her husband,who has been dead for the past couple of years. A student who no one actually knows whether or not they are a boy or a girl which has led to some funny sequences, and one boy lives in a environmentally sealed suit 24/7. And it is rare for a series to make me squee like a small child at the ending, it just leaves that warm and fuzzy feeling

and apparently this show is rated C8 in Canada which is about a TV-G or TV-Y7 which really makes me wonder how the hell that happened, but whatever, we are all big kids here

if you want you can watch all 25 episodes here

heres hoping they make a season 2


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Jan. 31st, 2010 10:25 pm (UTC)
>ending leaving you with a warm fuzzy feeling

It's unsure if this show will get a second season. Apparently when it originaly aired it got shifted around a lot and got a few crappy timeslots, the current one being Sunday at 4am. I hope that CN or some other American channel will pick it up so the show will become popular and get a second season.

The creator wants there to be a second season but he hasn't updated the Facebook pages in a long time. He uploaded a bunch of artwork to FB but only the French version has a lot of discussion and s2 hints.

English page
The super awesome French page
Feb. 1st, 2010 01:02 am (UTC)
ja i've heard of that, that got my hopes up that there will be a second season, esp thinking that may be the reason why there havent been any recent updates and they have won some awards so that helps

though CN picking it have serious doubt about mostly because there pretty much damaged these days after the attempt to rebrand themselves as another disney/nick clone, thankfully CNreal bombed with more force then a fusion bomb, though Har Har Thursdays could use some comedy other that TDA (cant stand it) and flapjack (like it) reruns

personally i liked annette, though her characterization kind of suffered since they showed her sparingly and kept that air of mystery about her
Feb. 1st, 2010 07:16 am (UTC)
Oh man, I sincerly hope so. Even then I think he would have mentioned something about production, or give the show a better time slot.

I have hope for CN. Since CNReal failed (PARTY TIME) they got rid of everything and put lots of cartoons into development. There's about five shows in development atm so I think CN is trying their best to recover. I think CN is the best choice for pickup since they didn't edit 6teen or TDA, and Adventure Time is going to be rated PG. As for HHT, we have AT and Regular Show to look forward to. :>

Don't get me wrong, I like Annette as well. I just think Fred getting with Anette a bit cliche. I'm hoping theres more to her than just "lol cubism and Bollywood style" since she's somewhat flat at the moment.
Feb. 1st, 2010 12:13 pm (UTC)
the best shows always end up in crappy time slots at some point

while i am looking forward to adventure time and average show i feel that they are kind of wearing the flapjack team a little thin, though adventure time has been around for awhile

personally i've pegged Anette as more of a surrealist
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