The Lamenting Nonsense of a Unsound Mind

One Day, You will find me.

Satori Akagi
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A Hello from a Chaotic Evil Post-mortal

i named this journal Lamenting Nonsense since i tend to type via train of thought so it is usually nonsensical lamenting about my current thoughts, of which there are usually many. also this jornal is mostly public but personal posts are f-locked

i am a regular consumer of things that inspire nightmares, like eldritch abominations and various cosmic horrors to more simple horrors

I am a Existential Nihilist

i worship Nietzsche, mock and belittle Rand, debate with Sartre, study Campbell and Practice Derrida

NOTICE:Also if i have some icon that you've made and want credit tell me i got so many from people who say they want credit on their icon that i cant remember half of who made them

i have fucked with Cthulhu and lived



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